Stop Ancient Forest Destruction

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Stop Ancient Forest Destruction

Beitragvon LynnLectis » Sonntag 13. September 2015, 18:06

As concerned citizens from across the globe, we call on you to stop the destruction of forest on Mount Gariwang for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and to protect what remains of this forest that has been a sanctuary for over 500 years. We urge the IOC to ensure that all Olympic Games truly live up to ideals of sustainability and environmental protection.

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Re: Stop Ancient Forest Destruction

Beitragvon CampoRelio » Sonntag 13. September 2015, 18:13

Da fehlen mir leider echt die Worte...

Da sehen wir mal wieder was der unterschied zwischen Ameisen bzw. Tieren und Menschen ist.
Menschen nehmen sich mehr als sie brauchen....
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